Invamia monetization

Over 30 ad formats for publishers both with Hybrid Monetization.

Fast. Simple. Organized. 


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Standard IAB Ad sizes
Catfish display
Corner Small
Corner Big
Mobile Interstitial
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User Experience

Simple and intuitive user experience is a first importance. Avoid confusing site visitors with non-closing “X” buttons with invamia ad banners. 

Demo Gallery

Rich Media From Invamia

Take a look into the best rich media examples of online media advertising, select the most engaging rich media ad format, and upload a banner code in a few clicks. 

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RPM Optimization

Invamia is all about the revenue for your excat site placement.

We created AI technology and centralized demand in one code to deliver the maximum eCPM bids to your site.

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Get a banner code now!
Get a banner code now!
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Get a banner code now!